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Editorial requirements in Scientific Press UP


1.The text should be sent as an attachment in a file in Microsoft Word format (preferably in RTF).

2.Recommended font is Time New Roman, size 12 pt, 1,5 spacing between lines, the margin of 2,5 cm, pages must be numbered.

3.Quotations should be either in the main text and possess the bibliographic information in the form: author, year of publication, pages; or in the footnote form which should contain: author, title, place and year of publication, page issue.

4.Tables, figures, diagrams, drawings, graphes, ect. should be submitted in separate files; please to indicate where the tables or figures, graphs, ect. should be placed in the text.

5.The items of bibliography should be to prepared in alphabetical order, according to the following patterns: Austin J. L., How to do Things with Words, Oxford University Press, 1962.

Bernstein M. E., Formation of internal structure in a lexical category, Journal of Child Language 10 (2), 1983, pp 381-400.

Richards M. P. M., First steps in becoming social, In: Richards M. P. M. (ed) The Integration of a Child into a Social World. Cambridge University Press, 1974, pp 83-98.